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The Los Gigantes cliffs are a phenomenal rock wall that plunges sheer into the sea.

The Los Gigantes cliffs, or cliffs of the giants, are one of the impressive natural sights to see on the island of Tenerife. They are best seen from a boat to appreciate the sheer size of these cliffs which are 500 to 800 meters high and drop almost sheer down to the ocean.

Many of the whale watching tours pass this area of coastline allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the Los Gigantes cliffs at the same time as experiencing the thrill of sighting your first whale in the willd.

The grandeur of the cliffs inspired the ancient Guanche people of Tenerife to think they were a sacred site. Indeed they thought the cliffs marked the world's end!

There is a small beach at the town of Los Gigantes which is one of the natural black sand beaches of Tenerife. There is also a very busy marina and a small resort town.

photo kindly supplied by the Turismo de Tenerife

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