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Dolphin and whale watching is a highlight of a trip to Tenerife. Most of the whale watching safaris are in the south of the island.

Whales and Dolphins in Tenerife

Tenerife is the second most popular spot in the world to go whale watching and there are 25 different species of whale and dolphin to try and see including blue whales, pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins. Tenerife has resident pods of both pilot whales and bottlenose dolphings and many more species pass through. Minke, sperm whales and orkas (killer whales) are all spotted here and the chances of seeing whales and dolphins on a trip are high.

There are many companies offering excursions, mostly based around the south coast of the island. Trips usually last 4-5 hours (though shorter trips are possible) and take place in large glass-bottomed catamarans offering the chance to see whales underwater as well as on the surface.

whale and dolphin watching

In the south you can organise trips from Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas but Costa Adege and Los Gigantes are the best, especially Los Gigantes as it is opposite La Gomera which is the absolute best spot for whale spotting. Indeed if you take a tour from here you also have views of La Gomera on one side and the spectacular cliffs of Los Gigantes on the other.


The whale watching industry in Tenerife is highly regulated to make sure the boats are not too noisy and do not spend too long near to individual whales and dolphins.

Trips tend to be either 2 hours on small boats which are purely whale watching, 2-3 hour trips on medium size boats which also include a swim and a meal on board and longer trips on bigger boats with sightseeing of the coast and a couple of chances to swim as well as whale watching.

whale and dolphin watching

Here are a few addresses for whale watching tours but basically if you head for the harbours you will find lots of tour operators.

Third Element Luxury Charters, Calle Poblado Marinero, Port of Los Gigantes, Los Gigantes

Flipper Uno, Calle Poblado Marinero, Port of Los Gigantes, Los Gigantes

Whale Watch Tenerife, Pantalan no3, Puerto Colon Marina, Costa Adeje, Adeje

Royal Delfin Catamaran, Calle Colon, Pantalon 12, Puerto Colon, Playa de las Americas

Mola Mola, Avenue de Colon, Local 119, Costa Adeje, Tenerife

photos kindly supplied by Turismo de Tenerife

Attractions nearby

The south of the island is very well served for attractions. Near to Costa Adeje is Siam Park which has been voted the worlds best water park several times.

Another excellent water park here is Aqualand, Costa Adeje which has dolphin and orca shows as well as water rides and slides. Jungle Park is a zoo that is inland of Costa Adeje.

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Water Parks

Siam Park has been voted the number 1 water park in the world and Aquapark is another excellent water park in Tenerife.

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